Top 10 Modern Jets

Fighter Jet Fighter Aircraft F 16 Falcon A

If you’re a fan of watching war movies or dream of joining the airforce, you must have seen yourself flying a jet fighter in the sky. To give you a treat, here are the top 10 fighter jets today:

F/A-22 Raptor – This baby here will fly high up in the sky and be virtually unseen. It can out-fly and outrun every plane there is. This makes each jet fighter built seem feeble as F/A-22 Raptor enters into the scene.

Eurofighter Typhoon – As the title itself suggests, it has more to offer than what meets the eye. It’s a multi-role fighter jet. It may perform ground attack missions and carry out air-to-air missions. Plus, there is a naval version of the fighter plane also. This fighter jet has been of excellent help to the air forces of the following European countries: UK, Italy, Germany and Spain.

F-35 – This plane is the newer version of F-16 and might replace it in another 10 years.

Dassault Rafale – This is just another European airplane that is a multi-role fighter and has the same attributes as the Eurofighter Typhoon. What makes it different is that it has French air-to-air missiles.

Su-27 Flanker – This plane is considered as one of the most feared fighter planes in Russia.

F-14D Tomcat – This plane was synonymous to wine that aged so finely. This plane has been designed in order to give protection to American carriers. However, it was also effective at long-range strikes and has also been used in the war against Libya.

F-16C Fighting Falcon – Fighting Falcon is definitely a classic. This has been exported widely and has attained a solid fighting record. The plane is exported to many countries and forms the backbone of many airforce squadrons. This is one of the most produced modern jet fighters offered in service today.

F-15C Eagle – F-15C Eagle has been proven to be among the few single-purpose planes on the market. It made plenty of history within only a period of 30 years and has gone with a total of 100+ kills with no losses.

JAS.39 Gripen – This plane uses the F404 engine (turbofan) that is proudly American. It may even do various missions such as anti-shipping, point-defense interceptor and also ground strikes. Additionally it is quite easy to maneuver.

FA-18E/F Super Hornet – This plane has almost no range limitations and contains 2 extra weapons for pylons. This fighter plane was constructed based on proven designs. It has also been used a tanker.

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